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Colorado 811

Marty Mead
Director of Damage Prevention
16361 Table Mountain Pkwy
Golden, CO 80403-
Phone Number (303) 232-1991
Fax (303) 205-6335
Email 49a586d0-bbe4-43ba-8325-21c61d99ae08
Company Description

Colorado 811 (UNCC) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization, funded by its member facility owner(s) / operator(s). Its purpose is to act as a messaging center between excavators and underground facility owner(s)/operator(s) for Locate Requests when excavation is needed. Colorado 811 is the statewide messaging contact center for the state of Colorado only. If you are excavating in other states, please refer your requests to those state’s one call centers.

Colorado 811 is a communications link and does not locate any facilities.
Colorado revised statutes require that anyone who engages in any type of excavation must provide advance notice to the underground facility owner(s) / operator(s). The notice must be provided by the excavator at least three (3) full business days, prior to any excavation, not including the day of the call. A precise definition of “excavation” is included in the state law.

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